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She Sheered - Part 3 of 5

(Part 1part 2part 4part 5)

She didn’t have too long to collect herself before she was regagged. Every time she heard the crunch of the clippers meeting her mane, more whimpers. Every time I dropped cuttings in front of her, the same response. I verbally humiliated her. When I had to remove the gag again the get at the hair on the back of her neck, I made her put her tongue out and pant like a dog.

So THAT’S where those animated gifs are from. I’ll refrain from reblogging the whole set, but it’s DEFINITELY worth to click through to the other parts. (Unless head shaving and pissing makes you rage, as it seems to have done to some Anons on Mr. Torn’s Tumblr)

Ugh. Seriously?

That set of gifs rocked me to my core. There’s something about them that speaks very deeply to me as a submissive and as someone who enjoys degradation more than a little bit. Well. Okay. I enjoy degradation a hell of a lot. I found myself breathless and longing and more than turned on.

And as a die-hard, intersectional, sex-positive feminist, I feel a little offended when people simply have no idea about what the fuck they’re talking about. Just because you’re a kinkster who doesn’t understand certain kinks, it doesn’t mean that you get to put the label of MISOGYNY on it. What may be disgusting to you might be self-affirming to others. And, seriously, she looked like she had fun! I’m truly, honestly jealous of her!

I have seen real, true blue misogynists. Even on the kinky side of tumblr. And this achingly beautiful photoset doesn’t even come close to the disgust I felt while browsing those blogs.

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